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Electronic Direct Mail

If you’re still using carrier pigeons to transport important information, it might be time to update your software. If you couldn’t tell from the title, EDMs are a type of marketing technique that take advantage of an often unused commodity in today’s market - the email. It’s the process of building an email database of customers and sending them communications or special offers directly. Basically, the aim here is to craft an email that makes the viewer actually read it as opposed to sending it on a one-way trip to the Junk folder.

Catching Up For Coffee

A good EDM recreates the feeling of catching up for coffee with an old friend. It’s the perfect place to stay in touch with your audience, keeping them up to date about your products or services, and ultimately acts as a clever platform to keep a business fresh and exciting.. It’s an effective tool for a range of businesses and helps attribute personality to your brand. EDMs are a highly effective way of marketing to your audience, manifesting themselves in a range of platforms, including newsletter emails, catalogue and video emails, press release emails, and thank-you emails.

Email Marketing to Track Results

Our gifted marketing team will help identify a strategy that go above and beyond your core objectives. When a customer opts in to email alerts, they’re giving you the blessing to really sell your content to them - so if you take a wrong step, you could be on the way to a place no business ever wants to find themselves in - the junk mail folder. That’s why we take EDM’s really seriously, working side by side with you to develop email marketing that deliver tangible, trackable results.

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