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Split Testing

Comparing Multiple Versions

Split testing is a way of comparing multiple versions of a web page to find out which one converts visitors best. When the test is run, traffic to the page is split among the different versions and their performance is tracked. Whichever version converts the most at the end of the test, wins. We might even award it a gold medal - though the benefits will be enough of a reward!

Operates Under Logic

If you’re finding yourself asking your friends whether they like your dreary and ineffective website then it’s time for some tough love - you’re not going to get any real answers from them. Conversion rate optimisation operates under the logic of finding ways to convert web visitors to paying customers, and split testing remains a fundamental component to this marketing technique. Whether you’re driving customers away with a ill-phrased CTA or a terrible user experience, split testing can overcome such barriers to conversion and feasibly solve them.

Increase Conversion With More Variations

The best way to charge these conversions is through creating one or more variations with the changes you believe will increase conversions - whether that be the copy, layout, or graphics selected. These different pages are then hosted on different platforms, and traffic is split between the different pages to find reliable conclusions.

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